The Shared Workspace Concept - and how it helps Entrepreneurs minimise startup overheads

Today, There are lots of tools and advanced technology to help someone start a business with ease or run a business on the go. On the Contrary, It is clearly visible that the advanced technology, Digital Marketing tools and Automated AI's are increasing the competition that an Entrepreneur experiences. Not only competition but also it adds an extra level of effort to come up with something new very frequently to let your brand survive which was not the case a decade back. Let Alone be the fear of a Giant Company eyeing your concept as because the fact that they are GIANT, they can replace your novel concept so to say in maybe a month's time!! For Example, In Mumbai, India we have Taxi Service commonly known as "Kali-Pili" which has been around since more than 50 years. They are now having a hard time because of the "Uber's" and the "Ola's" around. I am sure even Swiggy which is one of the most successful food delivery App in India i

Lock Code to Social Network - 33336666

333 6666 backspace 3333666 backspace 33336666 .. This was the activity of one of my neighbors on his phone screen in the mumbai  local train from Marines lines to Dadar. Not that I am interested in peeking in someone's phone but what other choice do you really have specially in the cramped up mumbai local train where on the seat with a capacity of 3 people, 4 are normally "adjusted". Additionally with 3 people standing in front of you in the gap between the 2 rows of seats, there is not many options to look around.             Crowded mumbai local train  Curiosity built up as I watched this stranger typing those "codes" apparently on his phone screen which on further focusing effort on my side turned out to be the passcode or password of whatsapp messenger. I don't know if it's surprising or not but a password for whatsapp messenger.. Must be a big celebrity or a politician or a public figure I thought in my head as he had to use the password feature to

Inspired from #NYC yet the feeling will always be #Desi

Waking up to a Sound of Ice Cream Truck , I quickly rose up from the ground with the push of my hands to peep outside the square window only to notice that it was already dark outside. I didn't know how I dozed off to sleep suddenly when I had decided not to until its the right time to sleep.  It was a strange feeling in my stomach and I don't remember how exactly I felt about 4 years ago on my first day in New York City. I had been there to pursue my Graduate degree from NYU. It was also my very first day away from my family thousands of miles away from home. Having a mixed feeling of being nervous, scared, home-sick and little excitement to know whats happening outside the room, I got up on my feet only to notice the 2 other pair of eye balls staring at me. I quickly realized that they were also picked up along with me from the John F Kennedy International Airport by GISA(graduate Indian Student Association). They were equally jet lagged and perplexed to share a small roo